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 horticultural auction, marketing and consulting-

 Nursery and landscape related Auction and Marketing solutions:

Reimolds Nursery Auctioneers specialize in nursery and landscape auctions.

Vincent Cianci, CEO and President is a licenced nursery auctioneer in many states throughout the US. Along with Robert A Reimold Sr., David Reimold, John P. Wolford and the late Dan Reimold. We are the only auction company in the world focusing and educating ourselves on the issues that face the Green Industry.

We have conducted well over 500 Nusery related liquidations ranging from 1 million to 20 million plants and the infratructure involved.

In our 100th year of business Reimold Nursery Auctioneers have preformed nursery auctions and nursery stock appraisals, and consulting in forty-seven states and in Canada.

As the only full time nursery auction service, Reimold Nursery Auctions can handle all aspects of the nursery auction business.From nursery stock appraisal, complete facility management to the auction or liquidation.

Reimolds Nursery Auctioneers have worked with many individuals, businesses, banks, and bankruptcy courts plus estate planners.

Fill all of your needs of a nursery stock consultant and appraiser, nursery auctioneer or a full nursery auction service with The unparalled Reimold Nursery Auction And Marketing Team.

To contact the Reimold Nursery Auction Company in Transfer, Pa: Call 1-800-772-7653/ EMAIL: auction@nurseryauction.com
Please Note: Reimold Nursery auctioneers and Reimold Horticultural Auction and Marketing, Inc is in NO WAY affiliated with R.J. Reimold Auctioneers. Local Transfer, Pa Realtor and Appraiser. Do not be misled. Make sure you ask detailed questions about the sensitivity, special care and exact experience in handling large nursery auction situation

We provide quality industry leaders as personal references to serve your needs.


Reimold Horticultural Auction Marketing and Consulting can build an inventory value based on comparable sales that no one within the industry can match. These values can be based on a potential liquidation Value, Controlled liquidation scenarios, Forced liquidation situations and even in the case of an unexpected emergency.

Liquidation Plan: If requested we can create a framework of what would need to happen and the time frame involved in conducting a full or partial liquidation.

Expert Witness: Vincent Cianci (Auctioneer/President) has auction nursery liquidationds and conducted evaluation services for the past 24 years. His expertise on immediate value of nursery inventories is respected and utilized by court systems and attorneys regularly.

Evaluation services can be a  'Table Top" off location opinion up to a complete facility and inventory spot inspection to verify proper values are being represented as equity on both plant material and equipment

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