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 horticultural auction, marketing and consulting-

 Nursery and landscape related Auction and Marketing solutions:

Complete Liquidation

oklahoma & Alabama

2  4day liquidation auctions for a nursery located in two states. Alabama and Oklahoma. In this situation Reimold Horticultural formed a Skeleton crew with the existing necessary nursery personnel to create an updated inventory and auction marketing plan. Entire process for both location lasted about 60 days until money in hand for the creditors in charge. We have the management shills and experience to cut existing costs considerably while maintaining the health of the equity when time is of the essence. These photographs represent the Oklahoma Facility.

Complete Liquidation

Monrovia nurseries (Ohio)

This auction included the 400,000 plus plant inventory of excellent quality inventory and equipment. The auction took 6 days to catalog and prepare and 2 days to auction and settle up with the seller.These photographs represent the Ohio Facility.

D Wells Nursery in The Portland oregon area.

This auction was spread out over a number of auctions including on-line traditional on-site and equipment. Multiple locations all within 15-20 miles of each other.

Recent Nurseries

We can provide the names of over 100 nurseries and banks we have done business with if needed.

 nursery auction photo examples

This is a good example on how the  auction photographs are created to properly represent the inventory to be sold. You will notice that some of the color on the plants may look to be off. This is due to the time of year. On-line auctions are often used on the off season but with a removal period that is set up for a later and more attractive time period. We ask that the nursery uses current photos of the stock when being sold. We deal mostly with professional buyers who understand the growth cycles and cosmetic changes regarding the product over different seasons.