In case you haven't heard, Reimold Horticultural Auction and Marketing will be conducting a complete Bare Root Stock Inventory online auction for Lawyer Nursery's both locations. Plains Montana and Olympia, Washington. Nursery locations. This auction will be online Bidding only. This auction will open for bidding mid-July and then the first lot will close an August 14th -16th@ 1 pm. EST. We will be selling around 3,000,000 bare root plants and plugs broken down into auction lots.

What this means is that if there are 1000 lots the auction will take 1000 minutes to close. If you bid on a lot in the last 3 minutes of closing, that lot will remain open for 3 min to give the last bidder or new bidder more chances to bid. This can sometimes lead to 30-40 more bids extending the bidding about 30 to 40 minutes on that lot only. All other lots will close at scheduled times unless there is the same scenario of extended bidding. Which means that 20-30 lots could have closed while you were bidding on that specific lot. This is easy to manage on our website with different tools and the view on which you choose to follow the auction.

This creates a once in a lifetime business opportunity. Dealing with a respected nursery like Lawyer Nursery and bidding on and buying their high-quality inventory will enhance any industry buyers selection for the upcoming season.

Regarding the nursery stock. Lawyer Nursery will dig all plant material and at no additional cost will remove the nursery stock to the pickup area according to scheduled pickups. For an additional fee, service will be available to store, pack and ship nursery stock to the buyer.

Regarding removal: This is the best scenario a buyer can ask for in an auction. The nursery staff is in complete cooperation with the same goals as everyone which is to create a welcoming environment complete with a fully experienced nursery staff throughout the auction and nursery stock removal. Everyone at Lawyer nursery is working to have a successful auction. The nursery is confident that they will provide you with your desired plant material and offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the purchased lots. That is correct. As long as you pay the shipping back to the nursery, you will receive a 100% refund of the plant material and equipment. This auction is a win for everyone involved.
The buyer has until the End of March 2019 to arrange to ship. Remember... Harvesting cost is included in the purchase price.

Plains MT Nursery
Corporate and Sales Office
6625 Montana Highway 200
Plains, Montana 59859TELEPHONE:


Olympia WA Nursery 
7515 Meridian Road SE
Olympia, WA. 98513TELEPHONE:

Any questions please call 724-988-9118

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once you enter into the auction arenas please be sure to click on the "Full information" Link at the top of the page to read all of the important information. All of the auction terms and conditions. There is a 10% buyers premium so bid accordingly

as stated it the terms from the initial point of marketing marketing

This print out will have the entire list. You will have to then locate the lot numbers on Days 1,2 and 3 bidding

arenas to bid accordingly.

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