This will be on Online Auction of the entire availability of inventory to be harvested for the new buyer with a removal and delivery period throughout the winter and spring of 2018 and 2019. 

With removal available throughout the end of April with a

storage charge to be assessed upon demand.

 Lawyer Nursery has been serving wholesale nursery customers for nearly 60 years.

Lawyer Nursery sells in the following categories:
Broadleaf, Flowering Trees, Conifer, Rootstock

We will also be auctioning. The equipment list available now

for both locations in Excel format below.


The plant inventory listing will be available on July 9th.

You can also contact the nursery to get an Idea of what will be available for auction.

Plains MT Nursery
Corporate and Sales Office
6625 Montana Highway 200
Plains, Montana 59859TELEPHONE:


Olympia WA Nursery 
7515 Meridian Road SE
Olympia, WA. 98513TELEPHONE:

Any questions please call 724-988-9118

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