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Remember there is a 10% buyers premium so bid accordingly. An additional 3% will be a charge for credit cards. You can wire transfer or overnight a check to eliminate that 3% charge.

Provided by Lawyer Nursery management.

These are additional auction terms over and above the Reimold Auction terms.

Specific Terms to lawyer Action

Lawyer Nursery Auction Terms and Conditions
1. Customers must arrange for pickup or third-party shipment of their lots at
their own expense. We can recommend carriers upon request, but arrangements must
be made by the purchaser.
2. The location of each lot (Plains, MT or Olympia, WA) is identified on the
auction site. Plant delivery is FOB from that plant location. The stock is upgraded
and ready for bulk shipment.
3. The harvest season in Plains, MT runs from roughly mid-October until the
end of November. In Olympia, WA the harvest season runs from mid-November until
late February.
4. Greenhouse plug crops are all in Olympia, WA and may be shipped in their
trays if the customer has their own truck and racks. Alternatively, we will
extract plugs in row run fashion into plastic-lined cardboard boxes that are
ready for shipment for a charge of 7 cents per estimated number of plugs. This
charge covers the packaging costs, but not shipping, which is the responsibility
of the purchaser.
5. Some greenhouse crops can be ready for shipment as early as late August.
Total plug quantities for each greenhouse crop are conservatively estimated. We
do not promise fully patched trays.
6. We plan to turn off our coolers by March 31, 2019. Customers must pick up
or make shipping arrangements to take possession of their orders by that date.
7. Certain species do not hold up in cold storage as well as others. We will
communicate with the purchaser to explain these circumstances.
8. We will keep crop in controlled cold storage until shipment, with the
first two weeks (from the time of harvest) free of charge.
9. Customers will be notified when their purchased lot has been harvested and
told the number of bins so that they can get shipping estimates.
10. After the first two weeks of free cold storage, customers will be charged
$0.50 per day per bin for extended cold storage until the trees have been
shipped. The same charge would apply to extracted plugs (see point #4 above),
which can be cold stored in the cardboard boxes that have been placed on tier
racks. The tier racks have a standard pallet footprint, and we can stack boxes
on them to a height of about 3.
11. Trees will be shipped in bins or crates that will keep the crop in good
condition through storage and shipment.
12. Our typical bin is 4 x4 x2, for a total shipping volume of 32 cubic feet. 
There will be a packaging charge of $20 for each bin that is used for shipment.
Boxes of extracted plugs could either be shipped by UPS or palletized and
shipped by motor freight. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the
purchaser, who also has the option of picking up the crop on site at the nursery
where the crop is harvested.
13. Some of our taller trees will not fit into bins, so they will be shipped
in custom-made crates for a charge of $40 per crate.
14. Each auction lot sells for the winning bid unit price times the ESTIMATED
number of trees. We take a conservative approach when estimating the number of
trees in each lot.
15. We reserve the right to adjust the estimated number of trees in each lot
up until the time that bids start to close. We may eliminate auction lots if we
don t think that the plants will meet our quality standards.
16. Customers may contact us about particular lots, and we will attempt to
provide additional photos in a timely manner.
17. Customers who are considering large purchases can call to make
arrangements to visit the nursery where the crops of interest are being grown.
18. We are investigating the possibility of bulk shipments to Canada and
believe that it should be possible. Canadian customers should contact us to
discuss export-related issues.
19. Every state and province has plant restrictions. We will make a list of
known restrictions available, but customers should check with their local plant
board to be sure that desired trees can be shipped to their location.
20. All charges must be paid in full before any crop can be released for
shipment. There are no extended terms for this auction.

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