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The 100 Year History Of The Reimold Auction Family

The Reimold Auction legacy started 100 years ago in 1914 by John Reimold, his wife Nettie and their four children, Gayle, Bud, Bob and Trish. They lived in a small town called Transfer, in Mercer County, western PA.

John D. Reimold, the founder of Reimolds Auction, was a former farmer before becoming an auctioneer. He started auctioneering at the Greenville Livestock Market selling horses and cattle in Greenville, PA.

From the very beginning John established a reputation for being fair and honest. A quality that is still the backbone of the business today.

After the end of WWII, Bob, an Army Air Force veteran, joined his father in the business. Bob started his auctioneering career at the Greenville Market in Greenville, PA auctioning chickens, eggs and produce.

In the early 1950's Bob built and operated the Reimold Brothers Auction Barn auctioning antiques, furniture and produce while also helping his father with farm auctions auctioning livestock, farm machinery, real estate and household items.

After John retired in the late 70's he left the business in the capable hands of his sons Bob and Bud.

Bob and Bud continued to grow the auction business while maintaining multiple successful business ventures in aggressive sales and real estate. While helping a long time friend disperse his nursery business Bob took the opportunity to reach out to the nursery community and eventually on a regular basis handle many nursery and landscape auctions over the next few decades.

Bob and Mert raised their grandson, Vincent Cianci, in the auction ways. From hauling for the weekly consignment auctions to creating auction brochures and eventually becoming a licensed auctioneer and realtor over 20 years ago. Vincent has also served as a past auctioneers association president and has won multiple auction and marketing awards.

As said by Vincent, "The past and current success of the Reimold Auction Family is owed to the hard work dedication and vision of my grandfather Robert A Reimold and the support of his incredible wife Elinor (Mert) Reimold. Not a lot of people realize that my grandfather was one of the first in the industry to implement computer technology into the business. While a lot of people including family fought him on the integration to computer data entry. He not only made it work but made others make the move in this direction also. I personally owe him and his open mindedness to allow me to pursue my computer and design interests that were eventually infused into the nursery auction world to make it stand out and thrive".

Now the current CEO/ President and owner of the Transfer Pa auction facility. Vincent grew up and around the nursery and landscape auction industry. Branching off of the traditional auction business and focusing on the nursery and real estate industry Vince eventually become the principle auctioneer and nursery expert. Speaking at multiple trade shows and financial seminars. Vincent helped bridge the gap between financial companies and the growers in a new way with annual and bi-annual auctions while successfully handling the largest nursery auctions in the history of the industry plus creating www.nurseryauction.com. The Green industries #1 auction web site.

Vincent Cianci and the Reimold group created a new way to handle nursery stock liquidations on-line and traditionally and have been doing so for almost 25 years. Vincent has traveled the globe visiting nurseries, flower farms, cut flower operations, palm farms and auction facilities in British Columbia, Alaska, Central America, throughout the Virgin Islands, multiple trips to Australia and New Zealand plus was a guest at The Aalsmeer Flower auction in Holland. Vincent takes pride in being able to call numerous nursery leaders close friends and currently a phone call away when needed for buying or selling opportunity. "It is not who you say you know. Its who will answer your calls. That's what counts".

Along with his grandfather and grandmother, David Reimold, Jerome Barnhart, John Wolford, Vince's wife, and lifetime love, Tami and Son, Max Cianci, are just a few of the faces you will see as part of the Reimold Nursery Auction Team. Vince’s Mother, Gayle, is a successful real estate agent in the Florida Real Estate Market. David and Gayle’s Brother, Gus Reimold, owns and operates RJ Reimold Real Estate and Appraisals also out of Transfer, Pa. with many years as captain/owner of a Walleye Fishing Charter operation in Port Clinton Ohio.

Reimold Auctioneers will continue to stay on the cutting edge of technology and education while maintaining the traditional on-location auctions with 5 living generations of Reimold and Cianci marketing family members.

Past Milestones:
Conducted the first in-ground 300+ Acre Nursery auction completely on-line.

Auctioning live on line over 100 Parcels of real estate in one day to become the first action company to accomplish this successfully. Live Oak, Florida

Successfully Auctioned over 1,000,000 containerized plants, equipment and structures. From the first phone call to the end of the auction in 30 days bringing in 3 times the expected net return.

Successfully liquidated a multiple dual state facility complete liquidation in under 60 days with close to $4,000,000 return, over twice the expected return.

Successfully auctioning on-line over 300,000 large containerized Palms and Tropical plants on the west coast. Start to finish a 30 day liquidation raising over $2,000,000.00 (Fall of 2013)

We are the only Auction Nursery Auction Company in The world that Specializes in both traditional and on-line Nursery and Landscape Related Auctions.

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Make sure when calling regarding Nursery Auctions you speak directly to Vince Cianci, David Reimold or Maxwell Cianci. All calls are confidential and no other Auctioneers, even if related and maintain the same last name, are insured or approved by our company for sensitive information or conflict of interest laws related to theses calls.

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