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These lists (Excel files) are not 1oo% accurate. But they will give you a good idea on the varieties, sizes and counts available. The pricing has nothing to do with the auction. This is a guideline on what this nurseries market is used too. During the auction process the groups will be made smaller for all size buyers.

  Rescheduled for Thurday, april 11h

 We will be selling high quality in the
ground plant material. With a December 2019 
harvest/removal limit. This stock has been manicured and
root pruned to be dug is great balling soil. 
Belle Plain nursery has been in business since 1878 

Hello Nursery Auction Buyers and Sellers. This auction is for Bell Plaine Nursery (Plaines, Iowa) loaded with some of the most beautiful quality in ground mature deciduous and evergreen ready to sell sizes. All hard to find and great varieties. You can view a photo gallery by visiting nurseryauction.com right now to get your taste buds satisfied. This auction bidding will be held entirely online.  That is correct. All bidding will be accomplished online via this website. You have three digging seasons to remove the stock (Until Dec 1, 2019). So plenty of time to sell or re-wholesale from your purchased inventory. Do not miss this opportunity.
Thank you and
if you have any questions call 1-800-772-7653 (SOLD).

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 Notice: New Sales plan to be announced for spring 2019